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Group Loan


Group Loan

Our Group Loan Scheme is a general-purpose emergency loan offered to employees of a company for a period of 12 months. A form of collateral substitute in which borrowers form groups, all of whose members must maintain a satisfactory payment record for any group member to be eligible for future loans. Repayments are made monthly from the employee’s salary and will be remitted by the company or paid monthly by employee via cheques or electronic debits from salary account.

Eatongate Group Loan seeks to bridge the gap between Employee Productivity and Company’s profitability. It is designed to give employees access to fast, affordable and stress-free loans while their organization remains profitable as it does not have to release extra funds to employees which otherwise could be maximized for other profit making ventures.

One major benefit of our Group Loan is that it boosts employees’ morale for work while their organizations are able to prioritize and maximize profit. However, to access this loan, employees’ organization must have a partnership agreement with Eatongate Capital Limited.